New Year, New Tile

After some flooding our customer thought it would be a good opportunity to have us come in and put down new tile throughout their basement great room and hallway leading into it.  The finished space we were working in used to be two rooms and only one had been tiled somewhere around forty years ago.  The good news was, that water issue they had?  That loosened a lot of those tiles, so we wouldn’t have to worry about leveling the floor out where the tile tapered off.  The bad news was only about half the tile came up easy.

Once that was done we were all set to start laying 6×36″ grey wood grain porcelain tile throughout the entire space.  Starting along the longest wall, from the exterior corner, we layed down our first line and started working from there.

A surprise addition to the job came while we were debating what to do along the hearth.  Originally, we considered using the same wood grain tile and running it either perpendicular to the tile on the floor or creating a herringbone design.  We thought it might make the fireplace stand out even more to have the same tile on the hearth as the floor and allow that to blend in, but when we laid out a few ideas with scrap pieces but it just didn’t look right.

The Loves were able to meet up at Home Depot and picked out the black granite tile for the hearth and glass tile for the fireplace and wall. The glass tile running up the fireplace and wall behind it may grab your attention with an almost-too-busy shining and shimmering, but the hearth itself came out incredible. Between the glass tile above it and the wood grain tile surrounding it, the absolute black granite tile is simple but the contrast to everything around it is stunning.

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