Hertel Halfbath Remodel

Hertel Halfbath / Preferred Services of WNYRecently we completed work on a half bathroom in North Buffalo.  The challenge on the this project was that this bathroom was going to be nowhere near any of the existing plumbing work, and required quite a bit of time in a crawlspace under the house.  The half bath was going on one side of a front room off the living room.

For some reason, although the house’s front door was adjacent to this room, there was a separate entrance, so the first thing we had to do was take out that door and wall it up.

Once that was done we could start framing in the room.  The windows at the front of the house and the sidelight in the French doors leading into the living room kept us from expanding too far into the front room, but it worked out to just enough space for what we needed.
We’ve installed a few macerator toilets, and we’ve done them each a little different.  Depending on the project and the space we have, we might hide the macerator tank or  leave it exposed. It also depends on the type of macerator.

We’re more likely to hide a Saniflo since the ones we’ve worked with have been a little louder and looked less finished.  They’re not intended to be seen, which is fine, since hiding them will dampen the loud, clunky noise they make kicking on.  That’s not to say they aren’t a great product, and we’d use them again.  Liberty Pumps, however, have a better appearance and run quieter.  The unit itself doesn’t stand out so much or look like a piece machinery that would take away from the appearance of the bathroom itself.

This time around, although we were working with Liberty, since we had the room, we built a box to hide the tank. Building out to hide the macerator also worked well with the existing elements in the room. We tossed around a few ideas for access to the macerator, and finally settled on keeping it simple; the top of the box slides straight out in case we ever need to service the unit.

We played around with the placement of the vanity and mirror before settling on their somewhat offset position.  They may seem too far to the right at first, but there’s a soffit running along the left side so we’re actually centered from that. The plumbing and studs also had something to do with this decision but this position also leaves room for a small trash can if needed.
There was trim running low along the exterior wall that we liked.  Rather than tear it out when we pieced in the new exterior wall, we continued it along. We thought it was a cool detail, tied things together and broke up the wall a little.


We had a great prairie style glass door we’ve been dying to use.  When we saw those French doors on the living room, we had to use it.  Once we frosted the glass on that door, it complimented the windows and French doors on either side of the room and tied together the old and the new.
Outside, we matched up the shingle pattern and added some additional trim boards to carry along all of the existing design elements to make this new work as indiscernible from the old as possible.

Check out the photos below to see our progress throughout this project and follow us on Instagram to see what we’re working on now.

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