Trial & Error at the Derby Living Room Remodel

From country bumpkin to rustic modern, we’re finding our way through this living room update!

When we remodeled Lynne and Bill’s kitchen and dining room a couple years ago we ran some board & batten to dress things up. Now that we’re back updating the living room (and a few other rooms) we wanted to continue that into the living room to add something to the space.

Board and Batten in living room Board and batten in living roomOriginally we wanted to go higher than in the other rooms to offer a better look at it with all the furniture, but once it was up, Lynn and few others who got a sneak peek weren’t sure higher was better. Looking into the kitchen and dining room from the living room you would see the batten board in both rooms, and since this was going to be the only wall in the living room to have it, that’s really what it needed to tie together.

And we had to agree—it would work better staying consistent even if that meant loosing some visibility behind the couch.

Visit us at preferredserviceswny to see more of this home improvement story and find out how it all turns out!

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