New Year, New Walls!

Sometimes you just need a little more room, and what better time to blow out some walls than right after you’ve been cooped up with family for the holidays!

With our first big project of the new year we’re pushing the knee walls back about three feet on each side of this master bedroom to make room for a desk and bookshelves. There’s even some talk about getting crazy and putting a couch up here.

While the work moves along on the new knee walls we’re also opening a wall out in the hallway to change the direction of a small stairwell. This house has about 75 tiny sets of stairs and much of a pain as hauling drywall up and down and up again, these stairs were awkward and made access to the attic incredibly inconvenient.

We remembered to snap a picture of how the stairs were laid out so you can see that the stairs go up directly into the wall with the landing of the attic space to the right. With that kind of awkward maneuvering the attic space was unusable for storing anything substantial. Did I mention that this house doesn’t have a basement? There’s just a crawlspace so this attic is the only serious storage it offers.

The new stairs will run parallel to the staircase leading up to the hallway, and we’ll be reusing that door on the right. Once we rebuild the stairs they’ll extend past the existing wall, so that means more drywall fun.

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