Starting Off Summer!

After a seemingly endless cold and rainy spring, we’re ready for summer and the start of our big outdoor projects.

It isn’t summer unless we’re tearing out another porch. Not that it feels much like summer yet, but the cooler days have been nice and the rain hasn’t set us back too much.

286f26b7-5946-429d-9a7d-4a953ba2ef99This shingle-clad North Buffalo Craftsman is getting a full tear-down. The new design is going to feature some smaller profile columns but retain the wide flare out at the bottom of the stairs.

Demo is always fun since were never quite sure what we’re going to find, and this project has surprised us a number of times already. The rotting joists and decking wasn’t too unexpected, and there had been some attempts to reinforce it. But once we pulled off the shingles and opened up those columns we were really shocked at what was (or wasn’t) holding up this porch.

Buckminster’s Cat Café, a Buffalo First

Buckminsters Cat Cafe, Buffalo NY by Kristin Richards Lauricella

Buckminsters Cat Cafe, Buffalo NY by Kristin Richards Lauricella
Logo Designed by Kristin Richards Lauricella

We were fortunate enough to do some work for Molly, the owner of Buckminster’s Cat Cafe, this past summer. We don’t know about you, but our Facebook feed has been blowing up with people resharing the Buffalo Rising article profiling the forthcoming Buffalo cat cafe.  But, if for something reason you haven’t heard about it, we’ll know what’s going on.

Buckminster’s Cat Cafe is going to be located in the ground floor of the beautifully renovated 577 Niagara Street,  and will be a combination neighborhood coffee shop and cat adoption facilitator.

According to Molly, the cafe is intended to be an “appealing space for humans to relax, socialize, or study, as well as offer a unique habitat for the free movement of cats.”

All while they plot world domination, of course.

With all the development happening on Niagara Street, from Resurgence to the Mentholatum and the Crescendo apartment buildings, this cafe sounds like the perfect addition to a rejuvenated West Side corridor. Check out Buckminster himself on Instagram or follow the Cafe on Facebook for news about their official opening.