Starting Off Summer!

After a seemingly endless cold and rainy spring, we’re ready for summer and the start of our big outdoor projects.

It isn’t summer unless we’re tearing out another porch. Not that it feels much like summer yet, but the cooler days have been nice and the rain hasn’t set us back too much.

286f26b7-5946-429d-9a7d-4a953ba2ef99This shingle-clad North Buffalo Craftsman is getting a full tear-down. The new design is going to feature some smaller profile columns but retain the wide flare out at the bottom of the stairs.

Demo is always fun since were never quite sure what we’re going to find, and this project has surprised us a number of times already. The rotting joists and decking wasn’t too unexpected, and there had been some attempts to reinforce it. But once we pulled off the shingles and opened up those columns we were really shocked at what was (or wasn’t) holding up this porch.

DARPA and the Living Home

As home ownership and repair becomes an increasingly expensive and time-consuming affair, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has embarked on a program mission of creating building materials that have living organism attributes. Their goal is to not only grow building materials on site but for the structure to be a self-healing, essentially repairing itself as needed.

That means we’re that much closer to living in self-repairing sustainable, custom grown Hobbit-holes.

And once we’re on that path, it’s only a few hundred thousand years until we’ve evolved into the subterranean-dwelling Morlocks HG Wells predicted in “The Time Machine”.

Thanks a lot DARPA…

Follow the link for the full article from Popular Science.